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Titanium implant

£550 £1800
Porcelain Crowns £145 £450
Teeth whitening £220 £400
Complete dentures £300 £1100
Root canal £50 £300

Pay on average 75% less than cost of treatment in U.K!

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Since establishing the business in 2006, Chris has arranged for a significant number of customers to benefit from treatment at Heviz, initially with Hodent, but now with Dr.Nyaradi and his experienced team at Lotus Dental. The most popular form of treatment is implants, where an experienced English-speaking specialist implantologist is utilised. Chris has a proven track record, rest easy that with him, your trip will be seamless and stress free. (Chris was the first to offer support in conjunction with any practice at Heviz.). Chris has appeared on the BBC Radio 4 programme Excess Baggage and has also featured in the Daily Telegraph.

Hungary is a progressive country now firmly established within the European Union. Discount any notion that you are going back in time in terms of technology and demeanour. The people are friendly, English is increasingly becoming the second language, so don't miss out on this opportunity to maximise it's potential.

Chris Westcott - Hungary



Mrs L from Scotland
" Dr Nyaradi's group of dentists and assistants inspired confidence right from ther start, making sure everything was to our satisfaction."

Mrs H. from Lincoln
" 'The team at Hodent are really marvellous and I am absolutely delighted at how a very difficult job for them has turned out so well."

Mrs H. from Corby
" Thank you for your efforts Hungary for putting me in touch with Hodent and making so many arrangements. I found the dentist and implantologist lovely, as were the nurses and the receptionist. We were very impressed by their friendliness."

Mrs H. from Harrow Weald

"Thank you so much for all your help in arranging my dental treatment in Hungary. I found the place beautiful and the people very helpful."

Miss K from Haywards Heath
" Thank you for arranging the hotel & dentist for us. We had a great time. Your choice of hotel was great - we had a
lovely relaxing time. My favourite was Heviz and the thermal lake. I really
enjoyed that. Anyway thanks once again for your help."

Mr P from Eastbourne
" Your help and the efficient way in which you give it is very much appreciated."